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elcome to our latest Brand Showcase where we’re thrilled to introduce you to the exquisite world of Muru, a London-based jewelry company that captures the essence of meaningful style.

Each piece from their stunning collection is meticulously hand-crafted with sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil, reflecting the utmost dedication and passion infused into every intricate detail. At the heart of Muru’s philosophy lies a belief in the transformative power of jewelry, elevating not just your style but your spirit too.

Why We Love Muru

Each piece from Muru belongs to meaningful collections like Empowerment, Wellbeing, Karma, and Positivity. Muru’s creations inspire self-expression and empowerment, inviting you on a soulful journey, and makes it feel that much more sentimental to wear. It’s like a daily reminder of what you care about, that also gives you meaningful style.

Collection Spotlight

The Female Empowerment Collection

My absolute favorite collection is the Empowerment one, which resonates the most for Simply Splendid. I’m a firm believer that you can achieve anything you desire, and that once you believe this you unlock so much potential and so many possibilities. But without this belief, you are unconsciously limiting what you can achieve or selling yourself short, and who wants to not live up to their highest potential?

This is what Muru has to say about the collection itself:

Each piece from this collection is designed to inspire and celebrate important women in our lives. These pieces were designed to remind you of your own inner strength, intuition and creativity, a reminder that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Each design serves as a daily boost of confidence and connects you to your female energy.

Muru, London

Favorite Pick

Personally I am loving the Moon Initial Necklace Layering Set in Gold Vermeil. The moon is such a good symbol for this, representing balance and dualism through its light and dark phases.

I believe it serves as a reminder of the balance between opposing forces, which is often seen as a source of empowerment. This balance also represents the idea of embracing both the light and shadow aspects of one’s self.

It’s also really meaningful since the moon represents intuition, emotions, and the subconscious. If you believe in the power of your intuition and that your emotions are a source of power, plus your subconscious, then this is totally for you too.

To me this necklace is my daily reminder to be in tune and mindful and you should let it be for you too!

Oh and did I mention this can be personalized to your initial, too?

Muru Bracelets

They don’t just have necklaces, either. Their bracelets are super cute and dainty, each also representing something from a meaningful collection.

Favorite Bracelet

My favorite right now is the T-Bar Bracelet in silver, but you can also get it in gold. It’s a minimalist style that’s part of their Balance collection.

I love it since not only do I need some more bracelets and silver jewelry in general, but more so because it represents the value of balance and unity, which I feel is what we should all be striving for.

It’s a daily reminder of living in harmony, which is essential to peace and happiness. A symbol of inner peace and balanced living.

Join me and get yourself a cute little balance bar too!

More Shop Favorites

Get your meaningful piece from Muru London today

Discover the beauty of Muru London today, and treat yourself or a loved one to a meaningful gift. You won’t regret having a nice daily reminder you can wear wear that will stylishly compliment all of your outfits


Brand: Muru
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