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Beauty On-the-Go

We understand the importance of convenience, especially when it comes to skincare. That’s why our skincare essentials are designed to be travel-friendly, so you can maintain your skincare routine wherever you go. Whether you’re jetting off on a vacation or simply heading to the gym, our products are compact and easy to carry, ensuring that your skincare never takes a backseat.

Gentle and Sustainable Beauty

At Simply Splendid, we believe that beauty should never harm the planet. That’s why our eco-friendly cosmetics are designed to cleanse, gently exfoliate, and tone your skin without compromising the environment, or your wallet. With our products, you can enhance your natural beauty while minimizing inconvenience, and your carbon footprint.  


Care for the environment


Reduce consumption


Organic, natural ingredients

Reduce, Reuse, and Radiate​

Our essentials are reusable so you can take small steps towards sustainability every day.

Zero Waste

Say goodbye to single-use cotton pads or makeup wipes, & hi to waste-free living instead. Use our Konjac sponge as your low-waste solution for taking off makeup & our cotton rounds for toning. They let you dispense just the right amount of product effectively, so you won't waste product.


Stop having to buy cotton pads, wipes, or q-tips over and over again. Easily cleanse your face in the shower, bathroom, or wherever you are. All you need is water and your Konjac sponge will do the rest.

Save money and effort

Enhance your skincare routine by consuming less but still making it effective.

Durable and long lasting

Our Konjac sponges can last 2-3 months when used properly. Our cotton rounds absorb liquid easily, & won’t fray or come undone. They can last a lifetime with good care.

Simply Splendid

A Simply Splendid essential

A non-greasy, lightweight lotion that wears well under makeup and on top of moisturizers

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