Japandi (Japanese minimalism + Scandinavian hygge) 

Japandi, Interior, Modern, Hygge, Minimalist

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Japandi, Interior, Modern, Hygge, Minimalist

What is Japandi?

Japandi is the perfect blend of Japanese minimalism + Scandinavian Hygge.

Decorate your interior with Japandi style to create a calm, peaceful, minimalist environment for yourself.

Less is more

To get the perfect style, buy furniture with clean lines, simple designs, and low profiles to create light, airy space. In other words, you can give yourself some breathing room to relax, when you’re at home. Who wouldn’t?

Natural beauty

Layer in lots of texture with as many natural materials as you can.

Be sure to also choose neutral, muted colors, which are central to this style. Think rugs, textiles, pillows and throws.

Hygge Inspired Cozy Bedroom with Soft Warm Throws on Comfortable Bed

Functional Style

Would it be Simply Splendid if it weren’t functional? Japandi style is the perfect way to marry beauty and function, using way less. Think of using handcrafted ceramics, woven baskets, even paper lanterns for lighting.


Shop these Simply Splendid approved Japandi style items to give your space what it needs for you to thrive and feel peaceful


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