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Best of La–féminité straight to your inbox
person wearing gold ring and blue manicure

How to do gel nails at home

Sick of spending money on expensive gel manicures that don’t last? Now you can get the perfect, long-lasting nails in the comfort and safety of your own home with DIY

Happy beauty routine

 3 Ways You Can Keep Up on Skincare When Traveling

It’s no secret, traveling can absolutely destroy your skincare routine. Keeping up with skin care is tough when you’re on the go! Between baggage liquid restrictions and altered sleep schedules,

Japandi, Interior, Modern, Hygge, Minimalist

Japandi (Japanese minimalism + Scandinavian hygge) 

What is Japandi? Japandi is the perfect blend of Japanese minimalism + Scandinavian Hygge. Decorate your interior with Japandi style to create a calm, peaceful, minimalist environment for yourself. Less